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Commonality: Privilege

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is the son of former governor of Michigan and former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Richard Nixon, George Romney. As a youngster, Mitt atteneded Cranbrook (from 7th to 12th grade), and later went on to Stanford, Brigham Young, Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School.

Needless to say, Mitt Romney’s upbringing was not typical. He was surrounded by elite businessmen and politicians. Romney owns homes in California and New Hampshire. He plans to quadruple the size of the California home this year to 11,062 square feet. Here are some photos of Romney’s current and fomer real estate, some of which he likely ditched so he didn’t look SO rich while running for President.

Funny: Large Things That Could Fit Inside Mitt Romney’s New House by Julie Weiner

Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman grew up wealthy. Like Romney, he attended a prepatory school before entering Harvard Business School. His parents have a house on Long Island and a summer home in Newport. Bateman makes his way to New York City and is surrounded by the elite businessmen and bankers, not unlike Romney.

American Psycho gives an insiders glimpse into the life of high society. While we do not know that those that surround Mitt Romeny act in similar ways, one can imagine that the shallow personas that Ellis developed likely came from somewhere, whether stereotype or reality.

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