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Who is Patrick Bateman and why are you comparing him to Mitt Romney?

Patrick Bateman is the fictional lead character in the Bret Easton Ellis novel, American Psycho, and it’s subsequent film adaptation.

Here is the Wikipedia bio of Patrick Bateman and here is his IMDb bio.

Why compare Patrick Bateman to Mitt Romeny?

The Wikipedia biography of Mitt Romney highlights many things about Mitt Romney’s life that are similar to the fictional life of Patrick Bateman (privelege, investment banking, extreme wealth), but further investigation shows many other small similarities, from vanity to psychotic tendencies. This blog highlights some of those similarities (along with reinforement from others) for the fun of all.

Are you saying Mitt Romney is psychotic?

No, the author of this blog is not claiming that Mitt Romney is psychotic. That would be for a doctor to decide. The author is merely pointing out similarities to the fictional character, Patrick Bateman.